Malibu Bitch Del Sol is what I have named my project. I have had it since the end of 2011, it was to be the car I was going to drive every day. It was a totally stock, black version of the USDM ­American Honda. To get myself motivated to start the rebuild I took a look back on my previous projects I’ve done when I was in secondary and high school, they were scooters. I have always been interested

Since last year only a few modifications have been done but overall has changed the look of the A6 Avant from RACEISM UNITED drastically. The main thing I decided to change were the wheels. After running 19″ Kleemann TS-6′s for a year I felt that they were just to small and the better choice was to go up a size. I knew that i want to have some deep dished 20” but its not easy to find something decent in

Finding an ideal place to organize an event is extremely difficult, barely impossible. The number of requirements such a venue has to fulfill makes the organizers look for compromises. Łukasz (, the organizer of the third edition of THE BEST OF found a place which proved to be almost perfect for such an event. He took the risk of changing the previous place for a new one and he hit the jackpot! Znalezienie idealnego miejsca na organizację zlotu jest niezwykle

I bought my Honda CR-X DEL SOL on holiday 2011. At first it supposed to be a daily driven car with zero additional costs. When I got it, it was usual vehicle with Chinese wheels. Just after few days engine was completely rebuilt. First mods was some Mugen-ish gear knob, new black leather on seats and oem headlights replaced with black aftermarkets, real modifications began in winter 2012/13. Hondę CR-X DEL SOL kupiłem w wakacje 2011. Początkowo miał to być

After a trip to Poland for the 2013 Raceism and VAG event a lot of ideas came into Lukas’ head. During the winter time he thought that it was perfect to build something different for this coming year. The air suspension was custom made by Czeslaw Customizer and was running well so Lukas went on the search for the right set of shoes for the car. Po ubiegłorocznej podróży na Raceism Event i VAG Event w głowie Łukasza, aż roiło