Last weekend was the second edition of Wolfsgruppe BBQ in Pachura Moto Center. After two years break event return in fantastic style. The meeting can be called as the 2k14 season opener. Saturday starts with a meet event at the hotel, traditionally with drinks o the tables, loud music played by the DJ and a lot of food. Sight of so many familiar faces in one place after hibernation gave the party an additional + 10 to the dopest. Sunday

Since I registered in the do I have the feeling to be in a real community.

Audi TT 8N, manufactured in 2001, rare colour aviator grey. Why I decide to buy these Car.. simply the best reason for me was that I saw on Wolfsgruppe VAG Event 2012 (it was my first polish car meeting) the Audi TT from Maciej in aviator grey. It was love at first sight, this line, this color it was exactly on the point for me… someday I’ll have something like that was my wish – Dreams come true in this

Honda Civic Coupe, manufactured in 2000, rare facelift model, imported from Canada. And that was the main reason, why I decide to buy that car. This is my third Honda, and I own this one for over 3 years. Car has got quite lot modifications, including; engine, suspension, interior and exterior and I try briefly describe them below. First thing, what I did with suspension, it was to replace standard struts for SUPERSRPORT adjustable coilovers. Everyone know what for –

„Nutjob…BMW driver…” You are what you drive!? Horrible but true! Looking at it from the point of view of BMW drivers, they don’t have an easy life. Why a BMW then? Simple answer – because I like it and could not care less about the people that judge me by what I drive. Do you all remember when you started driving, the feeling you got when you could get into your first car and go for a spin. I still