MOVIE BY: PHOTO BY: Sequentially awards won: 1. BMW E91 — BSC, Dapper — Switzerland 2. NISSAN Skyline R33 — Raceism — Germany 3. PORSCHE Cayman — RAD48, Lowfamilia — Germany 4. AUDI RS4 — RAD48 — Germany 5. BMW 7ER — Raceism — Poland 6. AUDI A5 — Lownatics — Germany 7. VW Golf MK5 — RAD48 — Germany 8. BMW E36 — Raceism, Dapper, Cambergang — Poland 9. BMW E30 — Poland 10. AUDI TT —

The last 6 months of my life was all about one thing – organising a motoring event unlike any other seen in Poland up to date. Having spent three years on building the community and promoting „stance”, I decided to prepare a meeting that would be noticed also outside Poland. Last year’s event made me sure that Wrocław was the perfect place to host a meeting that would bring together all parts and corners of the continental Europe. Inspired

You know that it is not good with you, when once again undressing inside of your car to bare metal to completely change setup from last year, which was good, aesthetic, nuanced, in search of Your ideal. After 8 years from the beginning with this car, from the start making modifications, You can either get bored and sell without completing the project, or to enjoy each change you make sometimes even with masochistic pleasure. My trip, with this car goes

Looking at Chudy’s Mazda i always suspend for a moment and and in my mind i think of changing my car. For a long time i knew this car just from pictures on the forum and scrolling photos on the internet, finally when visiting Krakow I saw it with my own eyes. Rolling on the streers 3 hit my heart at first sight. Line of the car combined with bodykit ATH HINSBERGER is doing really great impression . Thanks to

RACE15M EVENT 2014 INTERNATIONAL STANCE FEST. 28/29.06.2014, 10:00-18:00 Międzynarodowy festiwal samochodów modyfikowanych w stylu „Stance”. Jeśli szukasz miejsca, w którym zobaczysz reprezentatntów 12 krajów jesteś we właściwym miejscu. Już w ubiegłym roku impreza zrobiła zamieszanie, cel na bieżący rok jest jeden – zorganizować dwukrotnie lepszy event pod każdym względem! Robimy co w naszej mocy, zaprosiliśmy sędziów z USA [Dapper, Cambergang] i ciekawe projekty z Niemiec, Szwecji, Norwegii, Finlandii, Rosji, UK, Irlandii, Szwajcarii, Francji, Czech i Słowacji. Całe wydarzenie potrwa