The story begins in February 2012, on the island of MAN, when Bartek decided to buy a car. As befits for a BMW enthusiast – he chosen the brand with the blue and white propeller on the hood. But not just any bimmer … Bartek went for 1996 BMW E36 M3 sedan. Hot enough? It will be even hotter. It is an Evolution Model without the sunroof, in unique Estoril Blau colour with beige interior. Despite all the “wows” the

Lexus…For most people sign of luxury. For many – dream car. And I was one of them. Over 8years ago, I was leaving own country with dream of owning a Lexus. With the time, plans are changed. I bought Mazda rx8. Still in love in this car, but because the car was damaged. Decided to back to first dream – Lexus IS GSE20. I was sick of spending hundreds of euro weekly for petrol, crazy big money for insurance, that’s

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Life is strange; usually nothing goes the way we want it to. This rule applies to me as well. As a rookie driver I was looking for my first car. The first choice was to be a Honda Civic EJ1/EJ2 as well as the EM1. Now, why did I decide to a Peugeot? Well, the answer is pretty simple. My mom had one and after eight years she decided to buy herself a new car, therefore i could take the

Sitting long hours in front of the computer screen, browsing through hundreds of magazines from Germany, the United States or Great Britain, we couldn’t accept the fact that Polish customers are so much neglected. Having access to a large amount of parts and accessories, we decided to act. It’s high time we started to realize our own dreams and even the most extravagant ideas that our customers dream of! Despite being proud of having exceptional vehicles, their users often have