Piotr Błaszkiewicz or JLZ1.COM a known brand that needs no introduction in the automotive environment. Young photographer quickly reached a high position on the stage thanks to hisl talent and extraordinary photos. This is what most differed Piotr is an advanced post-production, and a sense of good taste that gives commercial look of photographs and phenomenal finish. Caring for the climate, scenery that makes expressive mood and give a unique processing phenomenality photographed projects. This style of Piotr earned thousands

Various passions unite people, our story is based on the passion for the automobile, which has brought us closer together and allowed to change it in feeling. Różne pasje łączą ludzi, nasza historia opiera się na pasji do motoryzacji, która zbliżyła nas do siebie i pozwoliła zmienić to w uczucie. Love to the cars, you can say that we have in the blood. Each of us, not yet knowing of other existence created your project in a garage comfort. Two

The story begins in February 2012, on the island of MAN, when Bartek decided to buy a car. As befits for a BMW enthusiast – he chosen the brand with the blue and white propeller on the hood. But not just any bimmer … Bartek went for 1996 BMW E36 M3 sedan. Hot enough? It will be even hotter. It is an Evolution Model without the sunroof, in unique Estoril Blau colour with beige interior. Despite all the “wows” the

Lexus…For most people sign of luxury. For many – dream car. And I was one of them. Over 8years ago, I was leaving own country with dream of owning a Lexus. With the time, plans are changed. I bought Mazda rx8. Still in love in this car, but because the car was damaged. Decided to back to first dream – Lexus IS GSE20. I was sick of spending hundreds of euro weekly for petrol, crazy big money for insurance, that’s