After a trip to Poland for the 2013 Raceism and VAG event a lot of ideas came into Lukas’ head. During the winter time he thought that it was perfect to build something different for this coming year. The air suspension was custom made by Czeslaw Customizer and was running well so Lukas went on the search for the right set of shoes for the car. Po ubiegłorocznej podróży na Raceism Event i VAG Event w głowie Łukasza, aż roiło

On 28th June in Wroclaw I met Philippe Berndt, guy responsible for UBER FEST – a closed meeting for 200 owners of german projects. We came up with an idea of taking part in this event and in a blink of an eye we got a great group eager to go to Sachsenring track. Jacek, Czyzyk and Archer started their trip on Friday the 16th to meet me, Broder, Bremi and Rush on Saturday morning in Dresden. From there we

MOVIE BY: PHOTO BY: Sequentially awards won: 1. BMW E91 — BSC, Dapper — Switzerland 2. NISSAN Skyline R33 — Raceism — Germany 3. PORSCHE Cayman — RAD48, Lowfamilia — Germany 4. AUDI RS4 — RAD48 — Germany 5. BMW 7ER — Raceism — Poland 6. AUDI A5 — Lownatics — Germany 7. VW Golf MK5 — RAD48 — Germany 8. BMW E36 — Raceism, Dapper, Cambergang — Poland 9. BMW E30 — Poland 10. AUDI TT —

The last 6 months of my life was all about one thing – organising a motoring event unlike any other seen in Poland up to date. Having spent three years on building the community and promoting „stance”, I decided to prepare a meeting that would be noticed also outside Poland. Last year’s event made me sure that Wrocław was the perfect place to host a meeting that would bring together all parts and corners of the continental Europe. Inspired