Sitting long hours in front of the computer screen, browsing through hundreds of magazines from Germany, the United States or Great Britain, we couldn’t accept the fact that Polish customers are so much neglected. Having access to a large amount of parts and accessories, we decided to act. It’s high time we started to realize our own dreams and even the most extravagant ideas that our customers dream of! Despite being proud of having exceptional vehicles, their users often have

Back in 2010 I was looking to buy a new car. I was originally searching for something euro like a Cupra R. A few of my friends had Subaru’s and my friend John introduced me to a website called WrongFitmentCrew. They had a massive stanced Subaru section on the forums and from that day I’ve been in love with that scene. A few weeks of searching passed and I finally came across a clean un-abused UK WRX. I paid a

Players Show has become one of the UK’s biggest shows. So when the opportunity arises, why wouldn’t you go check it out yourself? Zlot Players staje się jednym z największych imprez motoryzacyjnych na Wyspach. Jeśli już pojawiła się możliwość, czemu by nie sprawdzić tego osobiście? With 400+ cars on an airfield and no rain (which is rare!) it was bound to be a great day. From old school rat rods to JDM and everything inbetween, there was something for everyone

„Jesus, how much I’d give to have it!” More or less a thought rolled through my head when I first saw in the s-chassis. Sick at her, and symptoms worsen and resolved a constant cycle, the last few years. The diagnosis was not yet then placed directly, and I’ve treated the cars of other brands-with no results. I sold the BMW and on that basis I started build a budget for my dream S14, this time ,a rather pleasant for

My bimmer adventure started in 2008. E34 is my first “real” car. Why I chose it? I couldn’t afford an E46, E36’s are too small for me and E39’s are far from being my favourite vehicles. I have two big dogs so touring was an obvious choice for a daily car. For over 4 years car haven’t changed a lot. Few minor changes and couple sets of wheels aren’t real mods. Only thing that evolved was my way of thinking